What Size Should I Order?

There are 3 main sizing conventions – UK (United Kingdom), US (United States), EU (European).

Historically, when Australia was settled, all shoes were in UK sizes. In the mid 20th century, a lot of women’s shoes were imported from America – and thus the norm for women’s sizing moved to US sizes. Later last century with the rise of China in the world shoe manufacturing market, a lot of shoes – including men’s shoes – made for the US market were also being sold in Australia. More recently, some footwear has come either from Europe or made elsewhere for the European market. These sizes are different again.

This is where shoe fitting advice is absolutely essential – because specialists understand the sizing and fitting of the products they sell.

The following table is a guide to size comparisons.

Please note that specific information is provided for women buying Rossi Boots on the individual product pages.

In the sizing charts for each product, we indicate which sizing we are using (US, UK or Euro). If you are trying to work out what size you need from a pair of shoes you already have, then try and make sure that the sizing conventions match e.g. UK to UK etc.

If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us. We will do all we can to point you in the right direction.