Clarks School Shoe Lesson Black Lace Up

Professionally Fitted – in your home
Suitable for all Private Schools in the Fleurieu

  • Full Grain Leather Upper
  • Leather Lining
  • Suit Orthotics
  • E Fittings only
  • Junior Sizes School Shoe
  • Moulded Innersoles
  • Soft and Cushioned PU Footbed
  • Origin – China

Lesson is part of Clarks’ Junior Premium range of school shoes. It is robust, supportive, stitched at the toe so the upper wont pull away from the sole anytime soon, and good for your child’s foot development. Full grain leathers can always be polished up and do not peel off at the toe, as PU coated leathers can.

Type: School Shoes

Brand: Clarks

Availability: In Stock

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