Propet Womens WPED3 Neoprene Upper Walking Shoe

Upper: Leather with stretchable neoprene
Lining: Fabric
Insole: Extra depth fit with two removable innersoles.
Midsole: EVA – lightweight and shock absorbing.
Width: Wide
Origin: China

The Ped Walker 3 (WPED3) by Propet is a specialist fitting shoe for ladies who need footwear which puts little or no pressure on sore spots on the foot. This is also suitable for diabetics.

The back of the shoe is made of leather with a sturdy heel support.

The velcro strap is long and has a lot of adjustment which comes in handy for ladies with swelling problems.

The front half of the shoe is entirely neoprene – which is soft, stretchy and hard wearing. It simply stretches over problem areas like hammer toes and bunions, without putting any pressure on them.

There are two removable innersoles in the shoe to assist fit, and the shoe will accommodate orthotics.

The sole unit is EVA and this makes it one of the lightest shoes I have.

This shoe may not be that good looking – but it certainly does the job for ladies who require relief from pressure on their feet – but need something more sturdy and supportive than a slipper.

Type: Shoes

Brand: Propet

Availability: In Stock

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