School Shoes – What Should We Pay – What Should We Buy?

Your child will take over 3,000,000 steps this year and I am guessing that most of them will be taken at school.
It is difficult these days to buy good shoes for our children when a lot of schools don’t have school shoe policies as such, because the kids will want to follow fashion – and for some reason this never equates to wanting shoes that are kind to their feet! Even when schools require the traditional black school shoes we have ads bombarding us with prices starting from $8! So we can pay from $8 to $130ish for school shoes – it’s a minefield out there…what to do?

When parents get into the school shoe buying cycle, it can be tempting to pay less more often and buy cheaper shoes, justifying this by thinking that the kids will wreck them anyway or grow out of them. Whilst there are periods in a child’s life where they will be tougher on their shoes, I have come to the conclusion that, aside from the foot health benefits of good quality shoes, a decision to buy solely on the low cost ends up not even being good value for money.

Buy 4 or more pairs from Kmart over the year for $40 – that is a minimum of $160. Buy one pair of high end Clarks school shoes for $120. If they are fitted correctly at the time of purchase – they can last a full year – and even more for senior school kids. That is totally apart from the foot and body health benefits of properly structured shoes!

I have always advocated for people to pay as much as they can possibly afford (up to a point) for the shoes they will wear for the majority of the time – generally our work shoes. Wear what you like and pay as little as you like for your recreational footwear. Our children don’t have the choice so we must make it for them – look after their feet while they are in your care and buy them the best you can afford for school.

You would be surprised at how good shoe manufacturers are at making shoes look really good when they really have no substance to them. When they are on the shelf in a shop it can seem difficult to see the difference in what you get for your money. There is a lot in shoes that you can’t see which makes them either good shoes, or not good shoes. Here is a bit of a summary – although not exhaustive…

This is a guide only and different brands will include different features.

With shoes, you generally get what you pay for. Bear in mind that you shouldn’t devalue the benefits of a good fitting service that should come with buying good quality shoes. The knowledge of a good shoe fitter should be able to match the needs of your child to the stock, so that you maximize the benefit of quality footwear and help you make the most cost effective decision. You should also look for quality after sales service and ongoing advice about your child’s school shoe needs.

One of the reasons we don’t sell school shoes online is that of not being able to fit children directly. If you have any questions about our school shoe fitting service, please feel free to contact us!