On Line - What a Journey!

Well – here we are at last! And what a journey!

After 17 years of bricks and mortar trading Strath Shoe Box has finally entered the world of online trading. Do you like our name myonlineshoebox.com.au??? I hope so. It is even difficult to pick a domain name!

Having been what I would consider “reasonably” computer savvy all my working life, I have watched the development of the internet with some awe. (I actually took “Computing 1H” at Adelaide Uni the first year they offered the program – and I’m not telling you how long ago that was – the computer was the size of a house and we had to type punch cards for each line of program and THEN WAIT 24 hours – yes hours – for them to run the program – only to find I had a typo in line 2!) Needless to say things have changed a little since then – and thank goodness for that.

The technology available for a small business to be able to put themselves online is just awesome. But such a learning curve. I have been a bit of an ebayer in the past, and I do buy some things I can’t get in my local area on the internet, but the detail of thought needed to set up a shop – even with the great templates around put me in a fairly steep learning curve.

So – I have got to the point of having the shop online – or I am at least at the beginning of that journey. I will be looking to anyone who visits this site to give me feedback on anything they think I could change or improve. I will be adding products on a daily basis – I thought I had better get the shop online asap rather than try and get it all done before I went “live”. Now I think it is like the Sydney Harbour Bridge – it will never be finished – and that is a good thing – it will ever evolve.

Now is my next task – getting my head around seo, google ad words, google analytics, online marketing – all a little bit different from throwing an ad into our dear little Southern Argus! Well – here goes….

And I really hope you enjoy my shop – a lot of love has gone into it!!

Enjoy Your Shoes

kate rayner