A Cutting Edge Retail Model...With a Twist! PART 1

Hi everyone!

Well – what an exciting time – I am in the middle of it all right now! A Brand NEW, cutting edge internet/personal service footwear retail model! AND SO ARE YOU!!!

In years to come, I believe it will become a standard way to do business – but at the moment – it is cutting edge – and it is available NOW from Strathalbyn through to Victor Harbor.

I am a firm believer in technology insofar as it helps us. There have been so many fantastic inventions over the years that we would be silly not to choose those things which make our lives easier, safer, more comfortable etc. – who doesn’t have a microwave these days – even just for reheating that cold coffee! The internet is one of those things. And as a business person, I can’t ignore the opportunities offered and the threats posed to my business by the internet.

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On Line - What a Journey!

Well – here we are at last! And what a journey!

After 17 years of bricks and mortar trading Strath Shoe Box has finally entered the world of online trading. Do you like our name myonlineshoebox.com.au??? I hope so. It is even difficult to pick a domain name!

Having been what I would consider “reasonably” computer savvy all my working life, I have watched the development of the internet with some awe. (I actually took “Computing 1H” at Adelaide Uni the first year they offered the program – and I’m not telling you how long ago that was – the computer was the size of a house and we had to type punch cards for each line of program and THEN WAIT 24 hours – yes hours – for them to run the program – only to find I had a typo in line 2!) Needless to say things have changed a little since then – and thank goodness for that.

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School Shoes – What Should We Pay – What Should We Buy?

Your child will take over 3,000,000 steps this year and I am guessing that most of them will be taken at school.
It is difficult these days to buy good shoes for our children when a lot of schools don’t have school shoe policies as such, because the kids will want to follow fashion – and for some reason this never equates to wanting shoes that are kind to their feet! Even when schools require the traditional black school shoes we have ads bombarding us with prices starting from $8! So we can pay from $8 to $130ish for school shoes – it’s a minefield out there…what to do?

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